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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our January {2017}

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I thought it would be fun this year to do end of the month recaps, just to give you a little peek into our life- what we're into and up to, house projects, what I'm reading, and so on. Here's how January went for us.

What we're up to. January was jam packed- we restarted our weekly coop after a long holiday break, ballet class resumed for our oldest, and my husband is on a two-nights-per-week class schedule as he works on his MBA {projected finish date: May 2018}.

What we're into. We checked out a lot of great picture books from the library {thanks to the Read Aloud Revival's List}, but for some reason I'm finding that I don't spend quite the habitual time that I used to reading to the kids each day. I'm trying to adopt new habits and daily practices, and it's hard to juggle everything. I hope to reevaluate and restructure our days in the month to come, and hopefully spend more time just reading to the kids during the day.

Niall and I have been watching the John Adams miniseries on Amazon Prime. I finished the book {see below} and heard great things about the series, so we had to check it out. So far we are enjoying it- even if I was kind of bummed when I first found out who they cast as John and Abigail.

Around the house. I started decluttering my kitchen something fierce, and got about half way through before I lost steam. But thanks to the Conquer Your Clutter ebook bundle, and a group of ladies who are working through it together, I hope to get back into the swing of decluttering this coming month!

What I read. My goal was to read six books in January... but I only finished 4. Something is better than nothing! Onward and upward. I finished Parenting the Wholehearted Child {the last of 12 parenting books I planned on reading last year}, Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mewed {latest installment in the Flavia DeLuce series}, John Adams {so excellent!}, and The Magnolia Story {the perfect fun read- but also surprisingly profitable}.

You can check out the list of titles I'm hoping to get through this year here.

On the blog. Some of this month's most popular posts were Do I really Want to Be Godly... Or Just More Put Together {my reflections on the motivations of my heart when it comes to making good changes}, Two Strategies to Improve My Homemaking Game {my new plan for the New Year}, and God's Will for You {it may not be as complicated as you think}.

That's pretty much it around here :). How did your January go?

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