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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Quick Homemaking Habits that Pack a Powerful Punch

With all of the potential for discouragement as a homemaker... clutter. never-endingness of laundry. all the people need to eat three meals every single day. the work you do is seemingly taken for granted and under-appreciated....

Sometimes you need a quick win.

Am I right?

Today I have a beautiful list for you. Every task on it takes 5 minutes or less, but when done habitually will have a gigantic impact for good in your home. 

These little habits don't take much effort to implement, but they pack a powerful punch.

1. The Swish 'n Swipe. Thank you Fly Lady! If you quickly wipe down the mirror, sink, and toilet, then give the toilet bowl a quick swoosh with the cleaning brush every morning, it only takes a few minutes. But then your bathroom is always company ready, and never embarrassing.

2. Make the Bed. Once your bed is made, 80% of your bedroom is clean. You're welcome.

3. Only Touch it Once. I've been trying to adopt this way of handling my stuff, because golly it makes the house so much tidier. Put the clothes in the hamper as soon as I take them off {no more piles next to my bed!}. Stick the peanut butter and jelly back in the fridge as soon as I've finished making the sandwiches. Junk mail goes in the garbage immediately, not on the table or counter.

Try it and witness the magic!

4. Quick Tidies Before Meals. Before lunch and before dinner, I usually encourage my kids to quickly put away toys. It doesn't take long when we work fast and together! Grumbling bellies propel them on. These quick little pick ups keep the mess under control.

5. Clear and Wipe Counters. The less stuff on a counter top, the more white space you have in your home, and the cleaner it looks. I stow every appliance but my electric kettle in cupboards below my counters. Wiping all of the countertops should only take seconds, but it makes your kitchen that much neater.

6. Clear the Table After Every Meal. Dishes to the dishwasher {or sink if you hand wash}, crumbs away, put away food, and wipe down the high chair as soon as you've finished wiping down the baby. Voila, you have a clear work space and you are ready for the next meal.

7. Cook Double. It takes no extra time to double a recipe you are already making, but if you do it a couple of times each week and freeze the second half, you'll have a nice stash of ready-made meals to draw from when you're crunched for time and people need to eat.

8. When in Doubt, Wet Wipe. I've learned that if I wait for the perfect tools and the perfect moment, so many nagging little tasks don't get done. I use a wet wipe to quickly clean my refrigerator, dust baseboards, and clean switch plates and door handles. Or in between mopping sessions to get sticky spots off the floor 😉. Really, what can't a wet wipe do?

9. Sort Laundry as You Dirty it. My laundry sorter {find a similar one here} has revolutionized my life. As we take off clothes, they are sorted by color/fabric type. As soon as one is full, into the load it goes. No extra step of sorting clothes before washing a load!

10. Close closets and cupboards. Your bedroom will appear to be more streamlined, your kitchen less haphazard, your entry way more welcoming. And your precious toddlers and preschoolers will have less temptations to pull extra stuff out.

What homemaking hacks would you add to my list? 

If you could use further encouragement as a homemaker, you might be interested in this year's Homemaking Ministries Online Conference. The theme is Finding Purpose in Your Home, and 23 speakers {including yours truly!} are banding together to offer help and Gospel-centered encouragement on a wide array of home-related topics. Tickets are on sale now! You can get more info here.

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