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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wet Wipes Are A Mom's Best Friend

Perfection is the enemy of the good.

I believe this is especially true of all things motherhood and homemaking. We tend to think if we don't have time to give that fridge a good and proper, 45 minute cleaning... then we just can't bother with the sticky syrup mess in it until we do have 45 uninterrupted minutes {tell me it isn't just my fridge right now???}. If we can't develop a perfect organizational system for our kids toys, then maybe we should just give up and ignore the disaster.

Which is why I am a huge fan of wet wipes.

Before I had kids, I remember my friend Jen (at the time, mother of 3) singing the praises of wet wipes. "I don't know what I did before having kids!" She used wet wipes to remove eye make-up in a pinch, clean up juice spills, and wipe sticky fingers, among other things. At the time I couldn't fully appreciate her enthusiasm. Two kids later, I am definitely there.

I use wet wipes to clean my kids up after every meal {no piles of wet wash cloths lying around}, wipe down my bathroom sink, clean my fridge, dust my baseboards, and get up sticky residues on any surface. They save me time and thought and effort, and make my home a whole lot cleaner than it would be if I waited for the perfect moment and perfect tools.

It may sound wasteful to use wet wipes so superfluously... but is it really? I tend to believe that when it gives me so much peace of mind and makes my life soooo much easier, the use is justified. I skimp on paper towels and try to be very frugal with the majority of our resources... but I've decided that going crazy with wet wipes is more than worth it for me. Maybe not for you, but for me it is. And I believe lots of moms could benefit!

Every other month we receive a case of wipes from our Amazon subscribe and save. It is nice to always have tons around, and to never have to go to the store to pick them up.

Mothering little people is exhausting. It is hard. You know that you are short on time and sleep, and that little tornadoes are constantly running through your house, which as a result, is less than tidy. If you can take a short cut that gets the job done without interfering with your busy day, take it. There are no prizes for the Best Cleaned house or doing the job perfectly. No gold stars. So cut corners when you can. Your home and family will thank you for it.

What are some corners you are willing to cut as a mom? We all could use the encouragement to pursue "good enough" in place of perfect! 

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