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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Routines that are Saving My Life

A few months ago I posted the daily schedule that seemed to be working SO WELL for our family at the moment. I just reread it and had a little chuckle because, predictably, quite a bit of it has changed already.

Life with little people, I'm telling you...

Some of it has been positive change, like getting the kids to do chores before meal times every day. Wow has that made for the best difference ever in the cleanliness and order of our home!

On the less positive side, I've had a big issue with feeling overwhelmed and behind on my schedule all day long lately.

After some trouble-shooting analysis, I think I've figured out the problem.

It is summer time. That means we've had a few later nights, extra outings {the pool! fireworks! splash park! etc.} that really only happen this time of year. I want to embrace that, because it is fun and special, a limited-time-only kind of deal.

But these circumstances require a trade off. Some mornings we really need to sleep in, or cut school short, or slow down to take a breather.

Switching from a schedule mindset to a routine mindset has been completely liberating for me. I'm no longer feeling stressed out and behind all of the time!

Instead of trying to fit specific things into specific hours of every day, I'm aiming for a general flow. Whenever I wake up, be it 6 a.m. or 9 a.m, I start in on the same morning routine. Some days I've finished it by noon, and other days its closer to 2. Then I move to my afternoon routine, and end on my evening routine.

The big and important stuff is happening, and I'm feeling a whole lot more relaxed. This more laid-back mindset is helping me to embrace and really enjoy the season we are in. Hooray for summer!!!

Here are the specific little routines I aim at every day that are absolutely saving my life:

A load of laundry per day. Before my third baby came along, I used to successfully do all of the laundry one day each week. For some reason adding a fifth family member completely threw me for a loop! Instead, I now have so much more success with keeping my family in clean clothing and avoiding laundry piles {filthy dirty and/or clean but wrinkly} by just doing one load every day. I start it right after breakfast, switch it after my morning cleaning time, and fold and put away right before lunch. The entire process takes fifteen minutes out of the course of my morning. So worth it!

Kids chores before breakfast. Like I said before, having kids do chores before meal time has been revolutionary. They are getting used to the idea {though we still have plenty of complaints and feet dragging 😉}, it is much easier for me to enforce, and cleaning comes in short sustainable burst throughout the day.

Bible at breakfast. If I don't get up before the kids to read my Bible {this happens maybe once or twice a week}, I always do it at breakfast. First I read a chapter to them while they eat, then when they run off to play I will enjoy my own food and coffee while I read through my daily plan {albeit, with plenty of interruptions! I usually have to reheat my coffee at least twice}.

Kid's quiet time. Every day after lunch, my youngest naps while the older two play quietly in separate rooms. When we are out in the morning and get home a little later, I am still having them do this. Even if they've dozed in the car or its much later than our usual time, they are usually happy to have a little alone time, and that time to myself absolutely fills me up to get me through the rest of the day. Which in my opinion is the hardest part! Witching hour, dinner, and bedtime... anyone else have a hard time with that?!

Multiple daily pick-up times. Because we spread the kid's chores out over the day before each meal, toys and clutter are getting tidied frequently, and not building up. This seriously maintains my sanity!

Cleaning the kitchen before bed. Again, because my kids have to do chores before meals {are you noticing a repetitive theme here? Like I said, life CHANGED}, and one of those before-breakfast chores is unloading the dishwasher, I feel bound to run it every night before bed. If I don't hold up my end of the bargain, my kiddos will be more than thrilled to be off the hook. This is highly motivating to me!

If the summer time has seriously thrown off your daily order, I'd love to point you to a FREE RESOURCE that I've found to be so helpful!

Jami Balmet of Homemaking Ministries has launched a free little program called Refresh Your Routines. Four short video lessons and an adorable printable pack designed to help you refocus and get back on track with your most important priorities.

I watched the videos during quiet time last week, and was encouraged and inspired. Also I just love the reading printables included in the pack. Super cute! You will want to check it out- head on over here to do so!

Are you a routine or schedule kind of gal? Does your daily rhythm change in the summer? 

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