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Monday, July 31, 2017

30 Things About Being 30 Weeks Pregnant

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Of varying degrees of importance, and in no particular order.

1. Feeling so many baby kicks and squirms is delightful... even though it always seems to coincide with my bedtime. This little lady is way more active than my last one, and who knows if this will be the last baby? Just soaking it in 💛.

2. Lots of body parts just hurt.

3. Also, I am huge. Already. With two and a half months to go! The future is looming very, very large.

4. Air conditioning is a life-saver. I used to be bothered that my husband liked to keep our house so cold {not very frugal, right?}, but I am counting my blessings. I think I probably would do approximately nothing all day every day if the house wasn't so blissfully cool.

5. Pacing myself is of the utmost necessity. I can work hard in spurts, but if I don't put my feet up for brief rest periods too I am hurting before the end of the day.

6. Naps at the kid's daily rest time are another life saver. I have been napping almost every day and I am not ashamed.

7. Nesting instincts have yet to pick up, but I'm grateful for the inspiration preparing for the Homemaking Ministries Online Conference has been. I'm starting to get the slightest urge to work on a few projects that desperately need attention before baby.

8. War and Peace is killing me {this is totally unrelated to pregnancy, I know}. Not because it isn't interesting {it actually is! for the most part...}, but just because it is taking me so stinking long to finish! I think I will probably read ten less books than I could of this year because of it. Maybe that's an exaggeration. Only 400 pages to go...

9. I'm daily aware of my need for God's grace {forgiveness + help in sanctification} because the hormonal temper tantrums are a real struggle.

10. I should probably quit sugar.

11. I've recently crossed the threshold from "AHHHH! I AM NOT READY TO HAVE A NEWBORN AGAIN!!!" to "Ok, it might be nice to not be pregnant anymore."

12. Story time, lap sitting, and snuggles with the children are getting increasingly less comfortable.

13. Two months later and these shoes are still saving my life every single day.

14. 14 weekly progesterone shots down, 4 to go. Pregnancy as a former preemie mom, what can I say?

15. Niall says his back hurts just as much as mine 😂.

16. Between pregnancy and summertime, we are keeping dinners ultra simple. I'm not doing any crazy cooking. Meals that come together in 20 minutes or less... or sandwiches... are pretty much the limit.

17. I have braxton hicks contractions way more frequently than with past pregnancies. Especially noticeable after carrying a load of laundry up or down the stairs.

18. I keep thinking I'm so large because it's my fourth baby. But then I see women who've had significantly more children than me carrying tiny little bumps, and I think what is up with that?!

19. To buy a few more maternity clothing items, or not? Most of mine are looking worn after a few times around the block... and I'm pushing it by wearing as many non-maternity items as I still can. Loose flowy tops and belly band for the win! But I still have a long way to go. So I'm weighing my options.

20. Every day that I stay home all day {at least half of each week}, I am loving and living in my stand-by leggings.

21. Having a six-year-old big sister in the house when we bring home a baby this time is going to be AWESOME.

22. I am earnestly thanking the Lord for friends with pools and our local splash park.

23. Our church's resident baby gender guessing expert keeps telling me I look like I'm carrying a boy. If I hadn't had so many ultrasounds confirming otherwise {high risk mama perks}, I might allow for this. But things being as they are I have no idea how to interpret it! Haha.

24. Come nine o'clock each night, I've pretty much physically and mentally shut down. If only I could stop pretending to work or relax and just go to bed!!!

25. Bending over is still manageable. But barely.

26. Other tasks that are increasingly difficult: changing a crib sheet, hunting under couches for missing lego pieces or library books or other toys, and grocery shopping with three small children.

27. Baby gear I'm excited to try for the first time this round: an ergo carrier and a milkmaid nursing poncho {my friend has one and it is amazing!!}.

28. Birth still kind of freaks me out. I've done it enough times to know the crazy that is coming... and I'm apprehensive to say in the least.

29. My husband is a HERO. So much patience, so much kindness.

30. I cannot wait to be holding another newborn 😍.

And if you read every single word of this, God bless you. You must be a true friend 💗.

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