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Friday, August 4, 2017

A Few Favorite Authors

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While it's fun to read widely and meet new authors, I have a few solid standbys. Whether I'm looking for solid Biblical encouragement, elegant writing, or just a wonderful story, these are the authors I return to time and time again. I'd love to hear your favorites!

Jerry Bridges is at the top of my list. I've read and reread these four titles, and anything he's ever written is on my TBR list. Imagine a wise old grandfather who is extremely godly and well-read, but also unbelievably humble and kind, coming around you with simple, common sense, life-giving words. That's what this man is to me.

Elisabeth Elliot is timeless. She was poignantly relevant to me in high school, through college, as a newly wed, and now as a mom of littles in her thirties. I can go to her to tell it to me straight; she doesn't over sentimentalize. Her words are always weighted with godliness and keen insight. She knew her stuff and it speaks still.

Jane Austen You knew this was coming, dear reader? Jane is the queen of understanding, developing, and analyzing people of all varieties. She is laugh out loud funny. I've read all six of her completed novels multiple times, and the above four are my favorites. Not necessarily in that order 😉, but Persuasion always does come first.

L.M. Montgomery held some strange beliefs... but she also spun beautiful stories. I've read most of the Anne's, the Emily Trilogy, and just recently The Blue Castle. These are always fun, quick, and breezy reads that don't feel like fluff or a waste of time. Wholesome in every sense of the word. Fortunately I still have a few titles to go!


Rachel Jankovic doesn't have a large body of work {7 young children, we can give her a break!}, but no one else makes me laugh so hard, encourages me to take heart, and spurs me on to mothering with greater wisdom and compassion. While I eagerly anticipate her next book {whenever that may be}, there are occasional blog posts on Desiring God and Femina Girls to keep me going.

Your turn! Who are the authors your shelf wouldn't be complete without?

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