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Friday, August 25, 2017

New School Year, New Habits {Plus a Coupon Code!}

Back-to-school season is like New Years; so fresh and inspiring and full of possibilities! Now that my oldest is school age, I get to relish it all the more... but even when I just had super littles, I bought new crayons, paper, and colored pencils every fall.

With new routines taking shape, now is a great time to consider what habits you want to develop, both personally and in family life, to keep through the following year.

If reading the Scriptures with your kids isn't a part of your daily rhythm yet, why not begin?

I read the Bible with the kids most mornings at the breakfast table, and despite wiggles and interruptions and spilled milk, it has proved the best way to start our days.

In honor of the new school year, I'm offering a special coupon code for my ebook, Read the Bible to Your Kids. From now through September 1st, you can enter the code BACKTOSCHOOL at checkout for 20% off.

The book has 13 month long thematic plans, all with short passages for short attention spans, to ease both you and your children into the precious habit of opening God's Word together. I hope it is a blessing to you!

Happy New School Year 😊!

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