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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

10 Books I Reread Last Year

Happy New Year!!!

I've been very quiet online for the last couple of months... and there is a reason for that. I had a few issues in 2017 because another woman with a very different "purpose" has a similar online name. I've never been in love with this blog name anyway, and these little "issues" helped push me to finally making a change.

There will be a new site, new articles, and new purpose 😉, coming soon. With a new baby and a husband in school/working full time, making the big change has taken much longer than I would like.

So hang tight friends! In the mean time, I thought it would be fun to share ten books I reread last year.

Gretchen Rubin says that the best kind of reading is rereading, and I have to agree. If a book is really worthwhile, it can take a few times through to really absorb and implement its principles into your life. These ten books were worth it for me, and a few of them might very well merit another reread someday.

Stepping Heavenward. This fictional diary of a Christian woman from her teen years through middle age is a gold mine of insight. The last time I read it I didn't have kids yet, so it spoke to me on a deeper and different level this go around. I know a young lady in her early 20's who has read it annually since she first got a copy at age 15, and I think all the more highly of her for it.

Lies Women Believe. Nancy Leigh DeMoss unpacks lies we believe in every area of our lives as women. Some of them are fairly obvious, but this really challenged my thinking. I first visited it in college, so there was much material that felt new for me to glean.

Give Them Grace. If I had to choose one thing that marked every aspect of my motherhood, I would want it to be grace.

Fit to Burst. I deeply appreciate Rachel Jankovic's views on Christian motherhood. This book was even better than I remembered it.

Bringing Up Bebe. A fascinating look at how French parents differ from their American counterparts, from the perspective of an American living in Paris. I am inclined to believe that my last two babies have been easier mostly because of the chapter on sleep. I rechecked it out from the library before Maeve's birth to brush up on that one section, and ended up rereading the entirety because it is just that enjoyable and helpful.

The Happiness Project. The first Gretchen Rubin title I picked up that made me a solid fan. I love the delightful mix of science, personal anecdotes, and literary quotations that mark her style.

The Hiding Place. Niall read this for the first time a few months ago and couldn't stop talking to me about it. I hadn't read it since high school, and it had been on my list of titles to revisit for awhile, so he pushed me over the edge. Once again, even more compelling than I remembered.

For the Children's Sake. After almost two years of homeschooling, I was ready to revisit this winsome look at Charlotte Mason's approach to education. It is very refreshing and inspiring!

The Hardest Peace. Scripture urges us to remember our own mortality, and this gorgeous memoir of Kara Tippetts fight with the cancer that killed her helps me to do just that. Her words on marriage, parenting, forgiveness, and the past all make it worthwhile to read even beyond the cancer.

When Sinners Say I Do. Still the best book I've read on marriage.

And of course there is a stack of books I didn't get to last year that I'd like to reread this year 😊.

Do you reread much? What titles merit a top place on your list?

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