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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

It's Here

Over a year ago a few things happened in the internet world that forced me to reluctantly agree.

It was time to be done blogging as The Purposeful Wife.

Niall and I decided we wanted to blog together. We came up with a name and purchased the domain. We brainstormed ideas and talked a lot about what we hoped to accomplish. But we never got it up and running.

I missed blogging on the regular. The truth is, over our last two moves, some of the best friends I've made in our new home towns have been with ladies I first met online via blogging. The Lord has used this platform to enrich my life in many ways.

Even with readers turned friends who I've still never met in person- you give me book recommendations, inspire me to keep on in this motherhood and homeschooling thing, and lift up my soul in so many ways. Thank you.

But Niall was in grad school and working full time. He spent his days on the job and his nights in the classroom. Weekends were for homework, rest, worship.

We had a fourth baby. Then he graduated and got a job in Texas. And this summer we had another big move.

Now we've been settling in Arlington for a little over a month. Grad school is behind us. The baby is almost one. So we've turned our attention back to the poor neglected domain that we bought one year ago.

It is finally up and running friends!

I hope you will join me over at The House O'Neill.

Content will be much the same as it was here- parenting, books, home- and how it all intersects with the gospel. Niall has mostly stuck with the behind the scenes tech stuff, but he will (Lord willing!) be writing the occasional post to make this site more of an offering for the entire family.

And if you like what you see there, would you please do us a big favor and share it? Tell your friends, repost via social media, sign-up for our newsletter. Getting as many eyeballs on it as possible helps us tremendously in getting it off the ground 💛.

Thank you so much for reading along with me here. I am so thankful for your friendship and support! It's been a good seven years (yikes- how is that possible?!).

I'm looking forward to lots of new good things at The House O'Neill.

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