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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Unique Season

It occurred to me last night as I lay in bed, unsuccessfully attempting to sleep, that I am currently in a very unique phase of life. My daughter's health requires me to stay at home without visitors. She still spends a lot of time each day sleeping. Sometimes I get frustrated that I can't have "play dates" with other stay at home mommy friends, that I can't take my baby out running errands. And sometimes I feel lonely and like this house is way too quiet.

But this season is also a very unique opportunity. Come late spring, I should be free to roam with S. Down the road we hope to have a houseful of children instead of just one, and that will make for one busy mama. At no other time in my life (that I can foresee at least) will I have so much "free"time- unscheduled, uneventful, uninterrupted. If this is my last chance at big open spaces of time, what am I doing with it??

This really may be "it" for me, and a wise woman would cherish this time instead of wishing it away. I've been thinking of what I would like to use this rare wealth of time on. Several things come to mind:

~Organizing my home, purging excess and creating a comforting and orderly environment that serves our family well.

~Getting physically into shape, eating more healthily and developing an exercise routine. I feel this is truly important. I know that the reasons for my preterm labor are unknown, but you better believe I want to do everything in my power to be in better condition for the next baby.

~Read a TON. Thus my six books a month goal. Reading through excellent books is a much better use of my time then reading everyone's facebook updates :). I want to learn and think and prepare to be the best wife and mommy I can be.

~Develop a profitable blog. If I was able to earn a little extra income for our family doing something I enjoy, it would be a great help towards our financial goal of being debt free. Again, now is the time. It would be easier to maintain something I've already poured the work into after having more babies, rather than starting from scratch.

This is how I want to spend my unique season; purposefully for the benefit of myself and my family. What is unique about your current life situation? How are you maximizing your time and capabilities in it?

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  1. Like mother like daughter, we are both in uncharted territory. I find myself feeling lonely and useless waiting in transition... An unpridictable work schedule & the necessity to work bar me from any meaniful involvment in ministry...What should I be doing, learning...???? Betrayed by my transparent nature this comment cloaks my blue mood like saranwrap. Just call me Frank... Love & Prayers,


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