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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Review: Lies Women Believe

"Sadly, most people- even Christians- have unthinkingly exposed themselves to so much deception that they do not even realize they are being deceived. That is the very nature of deception- it blinds us to the fact that we have been deceived."

 We live in a world that is constantly bombarding us with lies. Lies about ourselves ("I can't help the way I am," "My worth lies in my appearance and accomplishments"), lies about God ("God is not really enough," "God won't hold me accountable for my sin"), lies about our family ("I will be miserable if I submit to my husband") and lies about our emotions ("I can't control my emotions"). Many times we are so entrenched in erroneous worldviews that we don't even realize the power they wield over us.

In her direct, no-nonsense style, Nancy Leigh DeMoss gives us a loud and clear wake-up call. She exposes the lies we are inclined towards as Christian women, and replaces these lies with the Truth of God that we so desperately need. With plenty of testimonies from other women's experiences, and humble confessions of Nancy's own tendencies to believe lies, this text is real and palpable and helpful.

Included are 40 common lies dealing with ourselves, God, sin, priorities, marriage, children, emotions and circumstances. Although I did not agree with every one of the author's conclusions, I will say that Scripture is central to her book, and it was a very good read. I couldn't recommend it enough.

What lies have shaped you? How has the Truth set you free?


  1. Rachel,
    I have seen the cover of this book SO much, yet have not read it myself. I definitely desire to read it after reading your book review. Thanks for sharing your insight about it! Look forward to more :)

    1. Oh Kathy, it is so good! Hope you can get your hands on a copy :).


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