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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Purposeful Perusals, 21st Edition

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What Every Hard Week Needs to Know @ A Holy Experience. This is what the Lord used to salvage and restore my Monday last week, as I sat with a bedhead and morning breath at 2 in the afternoon. Disgusting? Absolutely!

Whole-Hearted Motherhood Minus the Guilt @ Passionate Homemaking. Thank you, Trina Holden! "I believe that wherever we find ourselves, whatever other passions and callings and roles He has given us, God will equip and provide grace for us to fulfill our highest calling without guilt.

Social Media Exhaustion- Flee Discontentment @ Muthering Heights. "Is 'success' in the arena of social media our new way of “keeping up with the Jonses?...I flee discontentment; flee to a place where life is really happening anyway.  Back out to the real world; where things move more slowly, where conversations flow well past 140 characters, and where five people like me forever and always, with real thumbs pointed high."

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I read the first and the last one (it's very late and tomorrow I have a loong day) but the one in the middle is on my reading list right now.

    I am encouraged by your blog very much. Nowadays it's so hard to find a space with food for soul, not only fashion and/or arts&crafts (I agree I am attracted by those, too..but not so much). God bless you in all you do!!!

    I blog over at nami scribbles (www.namiscribbles.blogspot.com). Please come over and say hi!!!:)


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