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Friday, July 19, 2013

12 Projects in 2013 {Learn How to Knit}

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As soon as I found myself on bed rest this spring, I knew it was time to tackle #4 from my 12 Projects List and learn how to knit.

The perfect teacher? One of my best local friends who a) knew how to knit, b) also happened to be pregnant at the time, and thus willing to join me in such a sedentary endeavor, and c) happens to hang out a lot with me for mommy/kiddo play dates anyway. Thank you, Abi!

Abigail spent an afternoon teaching me the basic knit stitch. After her initial instruction, I found the instructions for casting on and casting off through Wikihow to be extremely helpful supplemental material. That's where I'd recommend you start if you can't find a real person to teach you!

While I can't see myself ever being an expert knitter who makes beautiful works of art... I sure am having fun making dish scrubbies (no more buying sponges for me!) and trivets for my own home, and as gifts. I also love that I can do something useful with my hands while riding in the car and watching t.v. with my hubs.

Project #4 was a great success. I am so pleased that I put it on the list, and that the ideal opportunity to accomplish it arose!

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