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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When Your Brain Moves Faster Than Your Body

This is how I'm livin' these days- tank top, lazy hair, and killing my exercise ball ;)
Today I am well into my 38th week of pregnancy. It is amazing, wonderful, and a little bit unreal as I delivered my first at only 27 weeks, and went on bed rest at 28 weeks with this peanut. I have been off of bed rest for over a month at this point, and there are still no signs of imminent labor. God is so good, and I am so thankful!

Being 38 weeks pregnant is much different from being only 27. Mentally I feel great- alert, sharp, and desirous of accomplishing one million things after my month and a half of taking it way too easy on bed rest. Unfortunately, I'm finding that my body is no longer a match for that to do list. Each day I manage to take care of my daughter, cook dinner, and get a few dishes done. And that is about it.

My normal writing and project time is during my daughter's nap. Lately I've found that it needs to be my nap time too! My goal is to be as well-rested and refreshed as possible when its time to go into labor. You never know when that might be, and I want to keep my energy up for the process {as well as the ensuing life with a newborn}.

So it has been a little quieter in this space then I would like. But I am trying to rest contentedly in this season- I've spent too much time feeling frustrated about my undone lists. Today, I am not super woman.

I am just really really pregnant in the middle of the summer heat, with a daughter recovering from a nasty double ear infection... and there is only so much I can accomplish <3.

Do you tend to feel frustrated by or accepting of your limitations? What has helped you to embrace less productive life seasons? I am all ears! 

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