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Monday, November 3, 2014

Life After 31 Days

Spending an entire month covering preschool reading material was so fun for me- I hope that you all enjoyed it as well :). But man, is 31 days a mammoth amount of work! I am feeling all tuckered out and worn thin. My intention is to post here three times a week, and I'm looking forward to covering a broader range of topics again. For those of you who don't have a preschooler or aren't particularly enthralled with children's literature, stay tuned for more applicable reading material.

This shot of W perfectly captures how I feel right now :)
The irony of spending a month writing about reading to children was that I didn't have much time to spend actually reading with my own. Sure, we did a bit, but not like we usually do {or try to aim for}. I haven't been reading personally hardly at all either, so I am looking forward to getting back into a slower rhythm with lots and lots of books {for both me and them}.

Yay, 31 days is over! Catching up on our reading. Man, do I look tired or what???
Holidays are quickly approaching, so I am starting to plan gifts and meals and experiences. I really love this time of year, but failing to plan and getting stressed out has ruined it for me in the past. I am trying to get my head in gear and be proactive for maximum savoring! The days go to fast, and I want to treasure and soak in every moment of them, seeing and savoring through my kiddos eyes. If you need help getting organized for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, take a peek at my series from a few years back for plenty of lists and inspiration for getting your act together.

My little girl looks all grown up :(.
One of the most exciting new things around here is that S officially has glasses! We were so nervous about this adjustment- she is very strong willed, and if she decided she didn't like them we would have had an epic battle on our hands. All I can say is that the Lord really answers prayer and really knows our limits! She has loved them and worn them faithfully from day one. Yippee! Next step will be the patch, which makes me even more nervous. I am just trying to keep calm and remember how gracious God was to us on the glasses issue, and praying for more grace when patch time comes.

So how's life been for you? Any particular topics you'd like to see covered here in the next few weeks?

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