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Monday, April 13, 2015

Life Here Lately

The best shot I could get of the babes on Easter morning.
Once again, I'm not sure how it has happened... but an entire month has passed without a single post here from me. I am still alive and well, thank you :), just busy chasing kiddos and trying to keep life running semi-smoothly. This is one of the big differences between a hobby blogger and a business blogger I suppose- if I was as committed as I'd like to be, I would sit down at the computer and discipline myself to write that post, no matter what. Ah well.

S chilling out in Daddy's sunglasses
Winter has dragged on long here in Northeast PA, and we are giddy excited about the recent upswing in temps. Even if it is only in the 50's and rainy. Sigh. One day spring will come!!

W looking every bit the little man
While I was away from the blogging world, two guest posts I'd submitted earlier in the year were featured. I'd love if you'd run over to Money Saving Mom and Gypsy Road for a peek. At Gypsy Road I talk a bit about our time in Ireland and the home educating opportunities we enjoyed. On Money Saving Mom I share several blessings I've experienced as the result of a tight budget.

S loving the library's Easter photo booth
Now that I'm back, I hope to be posting more frequently and getting into a semi-regular blogging swing. I appreciate those of you who stick around! It is a joy to share in this space.

W cozying up with Mama

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