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Friday, October 2, 2015

Nesting: Post-Partum Prep

I've got to tell you that while I seriously adore the newborn baby days... the only thing that freaks me out *almost* as much as giving birth is the postpartum, hot-mess phase. 

Don't get me started on the bodily leaking from everywhere, engorgement pain, nipple pain, no sleep, the joys of going to the bathroom... *shudder.*

I'm just hoping things go smoother this time around for me. Last time was pretty rough. Not to discourage you if you're a first time mom... but hey, it could be nice to know that these things are a possibility {so you aren't too surprised when you feel like you've been hit by a truck} I guess. 

On a positive note, I am looking forward to life just shutting down for a few weeks, and cozying up at home with my three little loves. People don't expect much from you after you've given birth. There is no place really worth going. And since it is autumn it will be the perfect time of year to just tuck away quiet for a bit- read lots of books, spend whole days on the couch, and enjoy simple togetherness. 

Here are a few practical preparations I'm making to smooth the transition for myself as much as possible.

Collect good reading material. This is one of my favorite things about nursing- so much time to read all the good books I've been longing for! I've got a stack of breezier novels for the middle of the night sessions, as well as slightly deeper selections {but let's be real- not expecting too much from my sleep deprived brain} for normal awake hours. I'll keep the entire stack ready at my nursing station so that I can pick up whichever suits my fancy at any given time. Speaking of my nursing station...

Set up a nursing throne. I saw this article on the perils of back problems for nursing moms ages ago, and tucked it away for the day when I would need the information again. I need to pick up new, comfier cushions for my rocker, and grab a few pillows to suit it up properly. But I am making it happen ladies- the last thing you need when you are sleep-deprived, hormonal, and leaking from everywhere is back pain. 

Stock up on snacks. Is it just me, or does nursing make you even hungrier than pregnancy? Eating one handed, especially when you don't have lots of time or energy for kitchen prep, can be tricky. Some of my favorites are apple slices with peanut butter, raw almonds, salted cashews, muffins, and cookies. I'm collecting ahead on weekly grocery trips, and making and freezing baked goods for when I will need them. 

Adjust wardrobe. After W I couldn't for the life of me get dressed in a way that made me feel attractive. Feeling roly-poly and unattractive only compacted my postpartum misery. This time I've made sure my closet includes lots of loose and flowy, elegant tops that make me feel put together and pretty. I've been able to wear normal pants with a belly band through this pregnancy, so I plan on continuing to use the belly band postpartum so that I have nice jeans I can squeeze into. 

I've also packed pretty earrings and bracelets, make-up, and nice perfume to make me feel lovely while still in the hospital. These little efforts can have a big impact on a woman's general sense of well-being!

What postpartum lifesavers am I missing? 

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