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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Nesting: Preparing the Siblings

When W was born, I was fairly concerned with how his big sister S, just two at the time, would adjust. 

Thankfully, she did wonderfully. She has always loved her brother, and while she was significantly more cranky for a few weeks after W was born, her negativity was never directly aimed at her brother. I think we have to give kids lots of grace and expect some behavioral issues when navigating new and uncharted waters. 

To ensure that she didn't feel neglected, I made a point of including S in as much of her baby brother's care as possible- fetching and throwing away diapers, bringing me toys or changes of clothes, holding him whenever she was interested. I also read books aloud to her during most of my day time nursing sessions {boy there were a lot of those}. Books are her love language, so I'm sure this really helped her to not feel left out.

This time S is four and uber excited about having a sister. W talks about the new baby, but I'm sure he doesn't really have a clue what's about to rock his world. He is a serious mama's boy, and needs lots of snuggles. I'm going to be conscientious about giving him the attention he needs once our new babushka arrives. 

To get both kids ready, we have been reading lots of books about new babies. You can find a list of our favorites here

I've also prepped special "sibling boxes"- shoe box sized tubs with games, crafts, and toys from the dollar store to keep them occupied especially and only when mom is busy with the new baby. Some good items to include if you make your own would be puzzles, stickers, mini chalk boards, new board books, coloring books, paper dolls... anything that can keep a toddler busy indefinitely.

My mother also snagged a great deal on a cabbage patch doll, so S can take her own baby home from the hospital. And I'm still trying to think of a good big brother gift for W... so if you have any brilliant ideas for a two year old boy, I'm all ears! 

How have you helped older kids welcome new brothers and sisters? I would love to hear what's worked at your house!  

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