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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful for Third Baby Bliss

Three is (supposedly) the most stressful number of children a family can have. Add more, and you stop feeling the need to control everything {mostly because you realize you can't}. Less than three, at least the kids don't outnumber the parents.

Before E was born I was kind of scared. Articles like this one made me giggle, but in a nervous, slightly panicked sort of way.

But there is another principle that can work in a mother's favor, known as the third child phenomenon. At least that's what I call it. Many, many mothers will vouch for their third baby being the easiest, most laid back, and/or happiest of all their babies.

Praise the Lord, I feel like I hit the baby jack pot with little E.

For several weeks now she has been sleeping through the night {a feat that took big brother at least 6 months... and then the nights began being interrupted again by teething}.

If you're getting decent sleep, you can basically handle anything, moms... am I right, or am I right?

During the day you would hardly even know she was here- she snoozes through all of the crazy sibling action, or observes it contentedly.

Contrary to my preconceived notions, taking all three out in public isn't so bad either. I put the baby in my wrap and have a hand free for each of the two big kids. Mostly it is just my two year old that keeps me on my toes, since he is very rambunctious and still learning socially acceptable behavior. My four year old is fairly contained and reasonable {though we still have our moments}, and E just sleeps.

For real. It is basically no different from taking just the two big kids out before baby was born.

Even if we hadn't been given such an easy baby, in my experience, transitioning to three has still been easier. When W was born, S still needed a lot from me. She was used to having my constant companionship and attention.

But now S and W have each other. W is the same age as S was when he was born, but S is able to help him with things that I would have had to do for S. She also keeps him marvelously entertained.

When I went from one kid to two there were so many stressful moments that both kids were crying and needed something from me. That has only happened once or twice since number three's birth! Which makes me a more relaxed mom, and the occupied kids happier since they are meeting each others' needs.

Of course not every third baby is going to be easy. Every baby, and every family dynamic, is different. I am just immensely grateful that mine has been. After two highly energetic and strong willed little ones, it is nice to have a baby with a more easy going disposition.

I also know that all of this could go up in smoke at any moment. Every phase presents new challenges. So for right now I am just trying to enjoy and cherish the moment while it lasts.

And lest you think everything is all peachy and roses around here... my older two kids frequently wake me up at night {cold because they lost their blanket. nightmare. sick. etc.}, sometimes I feel like all I am is a referee for sibling squabbles and tantrums, and I get tired and discouraged just like every other mom out there :). Full disclosure folks.

Other moms- which number of kids was the toughest transition for you so far?

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