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Thursday, May 17, 2012

For Such a Time as This: Seeing the NICU as a Ministry Opportunity

One of my greatest regrets from our NICU days was my lack of boldness- people wondered why I was joyful, how I could smile when my baby was hospitalized... sometimes I gave the glory to God. But many times I did not.
Some very special NICU nurses on S' going home day!
If I could go back, I would speak up more. Instead of just saying the miracles were the result of prayer, or that we trusted God, I would share the GOSPEL. Explain that no matter what happened to S, Niall and I could have joy because of what Christ has accomplished on our behalf.

We've put our trust in His sacrifice for sins, we know God, and we've been given abundant riches and an eternity in Heaven by Christ Jesus. And anyone who acknowledges that they are a sinner, repents of their sin (not just feeling sorry, but turning around), placing their faith in Christ for the forgiveness of their sins, can know Him too.

It isn't enough to talk vaguely of God, faith and prayer- in this anything-goes age of tolerance, which God am I referring too? A big grandfather in the sky who laughs and overlooks our sins? A man whom I impress with the good things I do?

No. The God of the Bible is Holy. He cannot tolerate the slightest sin (whether it be a little "white" lie, laziness, gossip, etc.), and He has said in His Word that NO ONE is good (Romans 3:10-12). Our only hope of making it to Heaven is if God Himself intervenes. And He did; He sent His perfect Son to live a life free of sin, then to die on our behalf, paying the penalty for our sins, and rise again. Anyone who puts their faith in Christ can have Heaven for free, it is a gift (Ephesians 2:8-9).

If I could go back, I would seek to encourage other parents struggling through the NICU roller coaster with these truths. Not just nodding and saying I understand their grief, but pointing them to the God who is good even and especially in the grief.

I can't go back. But if the Lord has placed you in the NICU for this season of your life, please consider: He has put you there for such a time as this. You are surrounded by doctors, nurses, and hurting parents who do not know Him, and need to. Be bold. Be gracious, but be bold.

Whatever season of life you find yourself in today, there are people who need the gospel... and how will they hear unless if we speak? This is probably one of the greatest struggles of my Christian walk! I fear man (which brings a snare), I am ashamed of the gospel.

Lord forgive me, and help me to be bolder. 

Who are you seeking to share the gospel with within your sphere of influence? Have you been changed by faith in the gospel of God's Son?


  1. This is so true. I regret not being bold with nurses, doctors, and parents like I could have, as well. I understand what you are saying. I'm encouraged by you to take every opportunity to do it now :)

  2. We had some wonderful opportunities to witness to the doctors and nurses when our daughter was in the NICU as well! :)


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