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Monday, September 14, 2015

37 Weeks

Today marks 37 weeks in this pregnancy. I'm super thankful- compared with my last pregnancy, I have so much more energy! I think it helps that it's my first pregnancy without bedrest- since I've been up and moving the entire time, I'm somehow able to keep moving.

It's a lot of fun to actually be able to nest- with S, such unexpectedly early preterm labor and delivery meant I hadn't painted the nursery or registered or collected much more than a few pieces of baby clothing. With W, bedrest prevented much of my dream housekeeping and nursery planning ambitions. But with this little girl, I have time and a list and energy to work through the list. Loving it.

So I'm busy filling my freezer, organizing, cleaning, and preparing. Just wondering when this little lady will make her appearance. I'm anxious to see her face {who will she look like?}, hear her cry {S and W sounded identical as babies}, and get to know her personality {every child is different- what new challenges and joys will she bring to our parenting?}.

I'm also trying to go to bed at a decent hour and enjoy it when the older kids don't interrupt my nights. The newborn days are exhausting- I'm trying to wrap my mind around that, to remember, and to prepare as best as I can.

Bring it on little girl. We are ready for you whenever you are ready for us. That is... I could just use one more week to finish getting ready. If you don't mind! Ha. Thanks. Love, Mommy

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