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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just Take that Power Nap

Dear 37 Weeks Pregnant Self,

It's finally hitting you: the BIGness. You tried to hold your daughter and stand and sing the hymn in church on Sunday... and ended up sitting, no child in your lap, barely singing and out of breath. That's okay- it happens. Carrying a 6+ pounds child, placenta, etc, can kind of wear a body down.

And I get that you have this crazy to do list a mile long. Because obviously if you don't welcome baby #3 into a perfectly deep-cleaned and organized home, with a freezer packed full of meals, and a queue of scheduled blog posts ready to go for the next few weeks, you will never get your act together ever again. Your life pretty much might be over, and you won't have a prayer for the piles of laundry and clutter and dishes and diapers and children when you come up to breathe 6 months later. I get you.

But here's the thing. You keep crashing and burning, starting ten projects with wild optimism and energy, only to deflate, defeated, for the next two hours... or days. You've got to pace yourself. Take into consideration that you are still growing a human being {the project is ongoing 'til the baby comes out! and even that is debatable when breastfeeding}, you have two little people outside of the womb depending on you for lots of things, and just this task of motherhood can mean you are already spread thin.

So if pacing yourself means that you put up your feet and close your eyes for 15 minutes, two or even three times a day, so be it. You know you feel so much better for having had that power nap. And when you feel better, you're able to take care of those truly essential tasks- like making dinner tonight for your family, or making sure everyone has clean underwear.  Enough is enough, and let's call it good.

Love, Your Wiser Self {who you should listen to more}

P.S- You should also start going to bed earlier. Because you will seriously be missing out on sleep starting very soon. Frantically catching up on that to do list once the kids are in bed each night probably isn't doing you any long term favors.

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